Nov 2017

November 2017 Issue

Issue: Volume-3, Issue No-1, November 2017   OPEN ACCESS

ISSN 2455-0736 (Print)       ISSN 2456-4052 (Online)


  1. Locating the Anjunadu Valley in the Prehistory of Kerala
    Dr. Suneesh K. K.
  2. The ‘Home Science’ Of Gendering Food: A Colonial Consequence
    Dr. Deepa G
  3. Temple and Artisan Communities in Medieval Kerala
    Dr. Ajesh A. M.
  4. Identification of Wonderment of Seven Heavens – A study to reveal a few new picnic spots in Idukki District of Kerala
    Santhosh George

Social Science

5. Heroic Imagery In Vadakkan Pattu Films And Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja
Binu Raj


6. The Catholic Church And Education For Global Citizenship
Bijumon George Kochuparambil


7.  BONDED CHILD LABOUR – A Curse to Indian Society.
Anitha Balagy


8. GST and Its Impact On Common People
Sumesh PS

9.  A Study on Factors Affecting Investment Decision Making in the Context of Portfolio Management
Anoop Joseph

10.  Ethics and Social Responsibility- A Business Perspective
Josmy Varghese

11.  Middle class people and their financial crisis in India
Tom Jose

12.  A study on the CSR activities of state bank of India
Merin Jose

Malayalam Literature

13. Eastern  Aesthetic Concepts – In  Modern  Malayalam  Literary Criticism
Bincy C.J.

Hindi Literature

14.  समकालीन हिन्दी कविता में दलित जीवन का यथार्थ
Dr. Girishkumar

15. दलित साहित्य: परिभाषा के बदलते आयाम
Dr. Mohanan VTV

16.   हिन्दी के  स्त्री नाटक
Dr. Aneesh

17.   ब्राह्मण वर्चस्व के खिलाफ दलितों का संघर्ष
Dr. Joyice Tom