Issue: Volume-2, Issue No-1, November 2016            OPEN ACCESS
ISSN 2455-0736 (Print)       ISSN 2456-4052 (Online)

  1. The Catholic Church And Divinization Through Education
    Bijumon George and Dr. Reena George
  2. Singleton
    Dr. Licy.A D
  3. Importance of ‘Life Skills’ in Elderly Woman’s life with Special Reference to Elderly Women Residing in Thrissur
    Ms. Romio Mulakkal and Dr. Licy A.D.
  4. Green Economy In India: Journey Through Carbon Credit Mechanism
    Anu Jossy Joy
  5. Influential Factors of Company Analysis in the Context of Investment     Anoop Joseph
  6. The Role and Importance of Derivatives in Indian Scenario 
    Josmy Varghese
  7. Microfinance And Financial Inclusion
    Merin Jose
  8. Merchants of Portuguese Trade in Cannanore 
    Dr. Joby John
  9. British Planters and the Question of Ecological Imperialism -A Historical Study in the High Ranges of Kerala
    Santhosh George
  10. Social Responsibility Of Sustainable Agriculture In Kerala
    Dr. Santhi Jose
  11. Dissent, Protest And Resistances In Idukki: A Retrospect
    Dr. Suneesh K.K.
  12. The Making of Sported Society: Popularization of Modern Sports in Kerala
    Ragesh K V
  13. Protection of Western Ghats And Gadgil Report
    Boby Thomas
  14. Diabetes And Exercise  
    Gijo George and Jijo K Joseph
  15. Hygiene in Sports
    Praveen Thariyan
  16. Effect of Insecticide Poisoning on Mortality of Giant Honeybee, Apis dorsata Colonies
    Dr. N. Nagaraja
  17. TD-DFT and Molecular Docking Studies of 4- hydroxy-2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinoline-7-carboxylic acid
    Dr. Rajeev., Dr. C.Yohannan, Dr. Robert, Dr. Josef
  18. Promoting Critical Thinking Among the Tertiary learners
    Dr. U. Thanesh
  19. A Saga of Loss: Representing Native Ethos in Narayan’s Kocharethi 
  20. Clil As An Instructive Tool To Kindle Interest To B.A., History Students: An Experimental Study 
    Dr. A. Ganesan
  21. The Image Of Hunger As Construction Of Dalit Identity In Sharankumar Limbale’s The Outcaste: Akkarmashi 
  22. Christian Visionary In Poonthanam’s Writings
    Dr. Bennichen Scaria
  23. The Degeneration Time Of Malayalam Poetry
    Dr. Bettymol Mathew
  24. Vakrokthi Theory In Dharmmaraja
    Dr. Anila C.S.
  25. Colonial Tradition In Marakkappile Theyyangal
    Nimmy Kurian
  26. Oru Madhyavenal Pranayaravu –A Different  Presentation On Modern Malayalam Drama 
    Remyamol G
  27. Malayalam Poetry In Cyber Space
    Soniya Jose
  28. समकालीन कहानियों में यौन शोषण के खिलाफ नारी का संघर्ष
    Dr. Joyice Tom