Submission Guidelines

All authors are expected to submit genuine articles only. Ensure your submission is not a subject of plagiarism. Download all the model templates in word (.doc) format (Malayalam articles in pagemaker- .pmd format).

Fill up author profile and declaration in the following form and upload the documents.

Click here to fill up the author profile and uploading of article.

 Authors can also submit through email. But they should also fillup the author profile and declaration. Email should be send to:

‘’ or ‘’ from the first author’s own email given in the article and template per forma. Papers satisfying minimum requirements will be given for blind peer review, and the commends for modification shall be communicated to the author. Articles recommended by the peer reviewer shall be forwarded to the corresponding desk of the editorial board for final confirmation. Final publication of the article is based on the decision of the expert committee- Editorial Board. 

Blind Peer Review: Article will be send to at least two experts without revealing the identity of the author. The identity of the experts are also not revealed to the author. Reviewers are also provided with a list of questions that are to be answered. 

  1. The email should contain
    (1) The article in the prescribed format (doc. format, for malayalam psd format),
    (2) Authors profile, and Mandatory declaration by authors
    (4) English translation of Title, Abstract, Key words and References for Malayalam and Hindi
  2. Call for Papers
    1. Template for Authors Per forma and Mandatory declaration by authors
    2. Template and Guidelines for Authors
    3. Model for Article Writing in English ( You can easily use these models as a template for writing)
    4. Model for Article Writing in Malayalam
    5. Model for Article Writing in Hindi
    6. Help line for choosing  Major discipline of Research of your Paper

 3. Document format:

  • :Articles in English         – MS Word ‘.doc’
  • : Articles in Hindi            – MS Word ‘.doc’ using ‘Unicode MS fonts’
  • : Articles in Malayalam   – Pagemaker ‘.pmd’ or MS Word ‘.doc’ using ‘Unicode MS fonts’

Compulsory Tips to be followed in the preparation of articles from 2019:

Points to be noted while writing articles:
Modified criteria:

1. No foot notes, end notes and bibliography are welcomed.

2. Show only references. (The actual references that you have made in the article. Make sure that these references are indicated inside the article (at appropriate places) also.

3. Should not show any references, which are not used in your article.

4. Use APA format only for references.

5. Show page number, volume and issue of article used as references, along with article name and journal name.

6. For those accessed through website, show the date of access, along with other required fields.


For articles in English and Malayalam:
7. Provide English translation of Title, author details, abstract and References.

You can give them in the regional language, but English translation is compulsory.

There shall be a publication fee of RS.1,000/article.

Important Dates

……………………………………………………….Issue 1                   Issue 2

  • Call for Paper                                           September 1           March 1
  • Last Date of Submission                         October 1               April 1
  • Last Date of Blind Peer Review
    commendations                                       October 30             April 30
  • Date of Editorial Review                          November 1           May 1
  • Last date for the receipt of
    Modified article                                         November 10         May 10
  • Date of Editorial Review of modified
    articles                                                       November 15         May 15
  • Date of Publication                                   November 25         May 25
  • Cut-off date of Despatch of
    printed Book                                               December 10          June 10