May 2017

Issue: Volume-2, Issue No-2, May 2017   OPEN ACCESS

ISSN 2455-0736 (Print)       ISSN 2456-4052 (Online)

  1. A Study of Human Rights Violations of Migrant Workers in Kerala (2011-2014)
    P.O. Martin
    Research Scholar, CMR University, Bangalore.
  2. Multidimensional Impact of Migration in Kerala Migrant Labourers And Effectiveness of Existing Enactments
    Shinsa P Mathew and Sweta Kumari
    Assistant Professors, SRM School of Law,Chennai.
  3. Factors Of Vulnerability Among The Interstate Migrants In Kerala
    Dr. Sunish KK
    Assistant Prof. on Contract P.G. Dept. of History, Pavanatma College, Murickassery.
  4. Proactive Measures towards the Minimization of  Distress Migration among the Tribal Groups of Uriyampetty Tribal Village
    Balagopal. A and Nitheesh KV
    Department of Social Work, Sree Narayana Guru College of Arts and Science Paingottoor.
  5. Migrant Child Labour In Kerala – (With Reference To Implementation Of The Convention On Rights Of Child)
    Assistant Professor, SRM School of Law, SRM University.
  6. Migrant Labour in Kerala: A Study on Interstate Migrant Workers
    Arun P A and Ajay P A
    Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  7. Conceptual and Theoretical Issues involved in the Migrants of Kerala
    Shyla Hameed
    Assistant Professor, Department Of Economics, Mes College, Nedumkadam., Idukki.
  8. A Sociological Study On Socio-Economic Conditions Of Migrant Labourers In Kerala
    Indira Aiyavoo
    Assistant Professor, SRM University, Chennai.

  9. Automation Of Engineering College Libraries In Kalaburagi And Bidar Districts Of Karnataka State.
    Basawaraj Malipatil, Nagaraj J
    Librarian, Dr Ambedkar First Grade College Rangampet, Dist-Yadagir. Karnataka
  10. The Columbian Exchange: Malabar ‘Connection’ In Culinary Ways
    Dr. Deepa G.
    Contract Teacher in History, Sreesankaracharya University of Sanskrit Kalady
  11. Eco critical Reading of Gieve Patel’s “ On Killing a Tree.”            English Lit.
    Jolly K V
    Assistant Professor in English, Pavanatma College, Murickassery, Idukki
  12. New Media Trends in Aarachar                                         (Malayalam Lit.)  
    Dr. Anila C.S.
    Assistant Professor on contract, Pavanatma College, Murickassery, Idukki
  13. Visual Culture and the changing lifestyle of malayalee     (Malayalam Lit.)
    Nimmi Kurian
    Assistant Professor on contract, Pavanatma College, Murickassery, Idukki


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