May 2018

Issue: Volume-3, Issue No-2, May 2018   (Open Access)

  ISSN 2455-0736 (Print)       ISSN 2456-4052 (Online)

Preliminary Pages

S No Paper Title Author Page No
Pure Science
1 An Efficient Computational Method for Modeling Interface Roughness in Laterally Contacting Tri-Metal Double Gate MOSFETs Dr. Saji Joseph &          Dr. Vincent Mathew 01-18
2 Handwritten Malayalam Compound Character Recognition System Using Neural Networks Sherin Mathew G.,  Dr. R. Vijayakumar 19-25
3 Review on the Principles of Scientific Management  Boby Thomas 26-35
4 A Comparative Study on Markowitz Mean-Variance Model and Sharpe’s Single Index Model in the Context of Portfolio Investment  Josmy Varghese,        Anoop Joseph 36-41
5 Common Man – As Victim of External Shocks of Corruption Dhanya Mohanan 42-46
6 Intellectualism in Buddhism-A Study Dr. O.C PROMOD 47-53
7 Migration and Social History of Anjunadu: Lessons from the Past for Sustainable Development – An Applied Study Santhosh George 54-58
8 Inefficacy of Children’s Custody Under the Present Socio- Economic and the Legal Conditions in India A Anitha 59-69
9 Tribal Rights in Kerala an Evaluation Dr. Dayana M.K. 70-77
10 Urban Poverty: Rag Pickers in Chennai City Indira Aiyavoo 78-98
11 Quality Education: An Imperative Need for a Brighter Future Dr. Aftab Ahmad Ansari, Nusaiba Anzar 99-108
Literature – English
12 Perceptions on Generations in Expatriation: Reflections on Jhumpa Lahiri’s Short Fiction ‘Hell-Heaven’ K.T.Vandana 109-112
13 Ruskin Bond and Indian School Children Jose Thomas 113-115
Literature – Malayalam
14 Narrative Differences of Mental Discourse-A study on Adoor’s Nalu Pennugal Vishnu Raj P 116-119
15 Commercialization of Womenhood Dr. Bincy CJ 120-123
16 Manifestation of Real Life Experiences – A Study Through the Work of Balachndran Chullikkad Kavitha A.K,   Dr.Sabu.De.Mathew 124-129


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